More is Needed

Two steps above Progression, because to just stop polluting isn’t enough. We don’t need progressions, we have been making progressions, what we need now is something larger- much larger:


For instance, sustainability isn’t working. Why? Only a portion of people on the planet are trying to just “break even,” there is still an overwhelming amount of damage being done.

Don’t get me wrong, of course progress is fantastic! We just need to dig deeper. To sustain life on our planet is one thing, it’s breaking even, but we need to not only break even but to restore and regenerate.

I used to work with a regenerative Initiation in Nicaragua, called Circulo Initiative, and I believe they were doing it right. Part of their mission goes as follows:

“Sustainability aims to cover the necessities, to leave a net zero impact. This is not enough. If we’re going to make an earnest effort to heal all that hurt we’ve been trading around, then sustaining isn’t going to cut it. We must regenerate. We have to go beyond and create the space where we dare to dream of regeneration. We envision a world where we’re creating more than we’re consuming, a reality where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole — spiritually, ecologically, and economically — where 1 + 1 (can) = 10,000 if we do it right.”

We need more than an affordable press release to save the world, we need a revolution! We need education, inspiration, passion, and action! Let us stand together, and take at the very least 3 giant steps forward, toward trigression, to save the planet!